Luly Productions has assembled a proposed slate of 30 feature film projects.  Each project is in a particular stage
of development within our producing family of consultants, directors, talent, staff and writers.

We invite you to peruse the screenplays that are at the forefront of our enterprise.
  •  GO FAST 7 -  Presently in development with Paramount Studios is the $80 million dollar action film which
    features the US Coast Guard.  Ann Luly is teaming up with producer Jim Brubaker (Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty)
    and the creator-writer Huntley Ritter to shoot this project in 2007.

  •  THE BOOT -  This irreverent comedy takes a look at a down-on-their-luck Italian family who adopts what turns
    out to be the grandfather from hell to make ends meet.  It will be filmed with an international cast on location in
    Italy In the fall of 2006.

         a pact to go after each other's ex-boyfriend by hitting them where it their bank accounts.  It is due
         to be filmed in London, England with an international cast.

  •  PINK SLIPPERS - Is a thrilling adventure.  When corporate downsizing hits the Central Intelligence Agency,
    not all of the agents being let go are content to stroll quietly into the sunset.  An international cast will be
    filming on location in Washington, D.C. and Langley, Virginia in the spring of next year.  

  •  OUTRIDER -  This western is about a Civil War veteran who faces incredible odds avenging his brother's
    murder - to see that justice is bullet at a time.   

  •  BLACK DIAMOND                                       
  •  FACE IN THE MIRROR         
  •  HITS and MRS.
  •  HOPELESS                                 
  •  HOST


Unless the story line carries the scenes, the scenes don't really mean anything.
                                                                         George Cukor
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