Luly Productions strives to embody the true spirit of quality independent film production which has sustained the
Motion Picture Industry for over one hundred years.

Within Luly Productions, we endeavor to create an atmosphere of creativity, encouragement, professionalism,
solutions, support and fun.  We consider ourselves colleagues, friends and family.

We are a full service feature film producing company working hand in hand with writers, directors, talent and crew.  
Our specialties include all facets of:

The success of a production depends on the attention paid to detail.
                                                               David O. Selznick

THE THIRD NAIL, an action thriller feature, is in the final stages of post-production. Starring
Huntley Ritter, Charles S. Dutton, Chloe Moretz, Jake Muxworthy, Lisette Bross and Tom Bailey

                                              Synopsis:  How deeply can a brutal prison
                                              life scar a man's soul, be he guilty or not
                                              guilty?  And what anguish must he suffer
                                              before he cries out for revenge when his
                                              daughter is taken?  Is it ever too late for

Director and co-writer Kevin Lewis talks about the themes running through the storyline of
The Third Nail.  I wanted to
explore the themes of loss, forgiveness and choice. Loss is represented by Trey losing his life to prison and losing his
little girl literally and figuratively. Forgiveness is expressed by the actions we choose to take and it starts with each of us
making that choice to forgive.     
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